Let me build your online shop

As a Shopify partner, I can build your shop and switch it to you when ready.

Do you have a project to sell online? I have the solution for you: Shopify.

You need an efficient online store built to generate money. I highly recommend using Shopify . It is the most popular website for launching your e-commerce website. It takes care of the security, hosting, speed and updates for you. Shopify is easy to use and helps individuals and SMB with no coding or technical skill concentrate on their business and get better sales results.

I am going to help you set up your shop with Shopify and will guide you through the process.

Follow those simple steps to get your project started.

Step 1. Find what you want to sell

You know what to sell but don’t know where to start? you are not technical? It is now easier than you think to setup an e-commerce store:

No more coding required.

Step 2. Find and Register your domain name

Shopify is the most popular website for launching your e-commerce website. They also have a business name generator tool which will help you to come up with a meaningful domain name for your business. The only limitation is, it searches only for .com domain name. However, the result is pretty accurate.

You can register your domain name with Shopify and they will integrate it into your shop. Alternatively you can purchase a domain from a registrar and point it easily to Shopify. I use and recommend NameCheap to register your domain name. I find they have the best domain name prices not just for the first year but the recurring years too. They offer the domain privacy for free the first year. I would recommend taking it as it hides your personal information to anyone querying your domain registration info.

Step 3. Get a reliable email account for your new domain name.

You will need to set up at least one email for your domain name. Namecheap or most web hosting companies offer this service.

I would advise you to sign up directly with Google G Suite . For a small monthly fee you will get a professional email address with [email protected] You are probably already used to Gmail and will access your account from everywhere on PC, smartphones or tablets. With Google G suite you get all the necessary tools offered by Google to share and collaborate with other members you might want to add to your team as your business is growing.

Step 4. Create your Shopify store

Follow my Shopify link to get an extra free 14 day trial, no credit card required.

Step 5. Enhance your Shopify store with those applications



  • reassures the client
  • save you time answering their delivery status questions


  • from Free
  • $ 0.10 per tracking number

This application will save you time answering your clients when they want to get an update on their shipments. Once linked into your Shopify store, it can create a tracking page where clients enter their tracking numbers and send them email or SMS at different stage of the delivery process.

Install the free tracking application

Step 6. Data driven email system

Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium!

  • I use and recommend Klaviyo.
  • Another excellent platform for Shopify or WordPress is GetResponse.

Very useful applications

social media


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