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web services

How can I help you grow your business?

Web Design

A website should not only be enjoyable to watch; they must also be functional and effective, linking companies to their target audiences. With responsive design, regardless of the type of device used, navigation must remain enjoyable and efficient. Your website is the first chance you have to make a good impression – make sure it’s the right one.

Web marketing

If your site is not properly marketable and well referenced with search engines, how will your potential customers know that you exist? Web marketing is the generation of natural traffic (SEO) or paying (SEM), affiliation, link exchanges, purchases of advertising space (Google Adwords …), re-marketing, loyalty, etc.

Web hosting

Number of “cheap” hosting options currently exist on the market. Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a fast, scalable and flexible alternative for those who need more than just shared hosting. In addition, our servers are located in Quebec, which promotes local referencing.

Management & Maintenance

Of course, you can take care of your site yourself but since it is not your job and that, let’s say it is not simple, there is a good chance that little by little, this management goes away of your priorities, until you learn that your site is no longer really functional, or worse, the day or Google informs you that you have been removed from its engine, because your site was infected!

Web Strategy

Communication strategy, content marketing, user experience, optimization, SEO, writing, blog.

Project management

Request for quotations, accompaniment, coordination, extension.


Private or group training, social networks, use of platforms and tools (WordPress, Mailchimp, Joomla!, Shopify, etc.)

Social Networks

Strategy, editorial calendar, user policy, writing guide, creation of visuals, promotional campaign, community management


Account creation, newsletter design, sending strategy.